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fetchdixon's Journal

Emmett Honeycutt
29 October
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IC Information:
Name: Emmett Honeycutt
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Timeline: End of Season 4
Age: 27
Appearance: Emmett has short hair which is a brown colour and large, blue eyes with long lashes. He often wears make up and his fashion sense, whilst being 'fabulous', can sometimes be a little odd. He's skinny but well toned.
Abilities: Emmett has no inhuman abilities, though he can make anyone look fantastic with the right accessories.
Emmett is gay and can't help but let the rest of the world know it. He's overly camp, even referring to himself as 'gal' at times. He's very kind hearted and usually cheery. He loves to talk and will chitterchat about random things for hours unless he is stopped. He's a very big, bright, bubbly character, he can be irritating but it's extremely hard to all out dislike him. He gestures widely when speaking to emphasise his point and although he'll oggle any fit guy along with the rest of his friends he is far from shallow and believes that inner beauty will make a person's outside beautiful. Emmett is a bit of a drama queen but easily gets over things if they dont go his way. It's quite difficult to genuinely upset him for more than five minutes. However, there is a darker side to Emmett, although outwardly confident and assertive he doesn't think very highly of himself, believing that he's a common piece of trash. Though he'd never let anyone see this and covers it up with a smile. It's hard to tell when he is upste because he hates to worry his friends and prefers to hide behind a grin and a witty remark. Emmett, although not particularly intelligent, does have a smart mouth and can effortlessly make those around him laugh. Emmett is very quick to defend his friends if someone hurts them, and although bouncy he can turn dark and be spiteful and threatening to protect those he loves.
Emmett is not afraid to let people see him emotional and often cries at things other people would find silly. He doesn't take himself too seriously and is open about sex, at times he can be cringeworthily crude. One word to describe Emmett would be 'flamboyant'.

Emmett was born in Hazelhurst, Mississippi into a large family who were quite poor. From a small child he was always very 'camp' and his family didn't understand him, his only friend growing up was his crazy Aunt Lula. He was often beaten up and spat on and frequently had stones thrown at him for being so camp, but it was his personality naturally and he couldn't hide it. He later ran away and moved to Pittsburgh where he was taken in by a drag queen named Gadiver who taught him all the ways of the world and looked after him. Later on he met Michael and his other friends Ted and Brian. Emmett ended up moving in with Michael when his apartment got burnt down.
Emmett went through a number of jobs: working in a clothes store named to Torso, being a porn star on Ted's porn website, working as a naked maid, becoming a party planner, and having a regular place on the channel 5 news where he gave 'gay' tips. He also went through a number of relationships. Through working on Ted's porn site Emmett gained an admirer by the name of George Schickle, who turned out to be an old rich gay man who suffered with heart problems. They fell in love with each other and George asked Emmett to cruise around the world with him, but on the plane George died. Emmett is offered one million dollars to pretend his affair with George never happened because his family don't want anyone to find out, but Emmett turns down their money saying their love was more important.
Emmett then has a relationship with his friend Ted, which ends when Ted became addicted to crystal meth and is abusive towards Emmett, Emmett leaves him and the house they'd bought together and moves in with his lesbian friends Melanie and Lindsay. After a lot of uneasiness between them Emmett finally forgives Ted when he kicks the drugs but says they can't go out anymore but they can stay friends. Emmett then has a relationship with a famous football star named Drew, after meeting him when planning his engagement party! Emmett and Drew have a secret love affair and Emmett falls for him but gets sick of feeling used when Drew keeps going back to his fiance, so leaves him. Emmett moves in with Michael's mother, Debbie, so they can keep each other company.
At the end of season 4 Emmett and his friends take part in a bike ride from Toronto back to Pittsburgh where him and his friend Ted get lost and somehow manage to meet back up with the rest of thr group and take the lead. They finish the ride together during the season finale.

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